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2712 61st St Galveston, TX 77551-1845

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Express Wash $9.95

At Island Auto Wash, we offer a convenient machine car wash and dry option. Our machine car wash facility utilizes brush-and-spary combinations that distribute detergent and other cleaners to enable you to clean your car with ease. In Galveston, we understand that having a clean car is essential to keeping it rust- and corrosion-free, and we are the best place for the customers who prefer to do it quickly and inexpensively.

Washing your car frequently provides maintenance and protection for your car ensuring longer lasting ride. Living on or visiting Galveston Island, you will get salt and sand everywhere including in your car. Salt causes corrosion, and when sand blows on and  moisture sets it in, corrosion is not far behind. Equally as important is under-body care and maintenance. Washing and protecting the under carriage of the vehicle is extremely important  because it is not coated or corrosion resistant. It is important to wash your car frequently to avoid the grime and grit due to weather and road conditions. Galveston Island Auto Wash cleans your car thoroughly so you can enjoy your ride!

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